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EFFECT policy provides a specific, reasonable support services corresponding to each product, with the aim to bring our customers maximum possible value of the use of any software solution of EFFECT.

EFFECT Services

Upon installing, giving manual instructions, customizing the program and printing reporting system of accounting data for 01 months, the two parties will check and take over the project. It will then be transferred to the warranty period.

  • Software warranty work

The take and check-over of the software only marks that the software has been successfully implemented with mass data updated within 01 months. However, during subsequent operation of the business, It is likely that different data input statuses have not happened yet and are not in control of the software, then all features may not yet be fully tested. The software still needs to be checked and even modified in a longer period of time after the take over of the project. This interval is called the product warranty period and it lasts about one year for EFFECT products.

 During the product warranty, EFFECT is responsible for software assurance activities in accordance with the functionality described in the content section of the contract. All new features added upon the business requrests, which are outside the contract, must be discussed between the two parties within the framework of the new agreement beyond software deployment projects.

  •  The work conducted by EFFECT during warranty period with no charges:

- Fixing software errors

 All software errors such as data errors, report running incorrect data, IT errors, data transfer process errors... within the framework of the functions built in the software.

- Consult on how to use the program

 When using the program, customers might forget or not understand the steps of using the software, EFFECT will be available for guidance or advice via phone, email...

- Advice or direct assistance on data editing

 In many cases when the data on the report appear incorrect due to wrong data input and needs tjo be repaired, or in some cases, data need to be edited fast and simultaneously ... If the professional staffs do not know how to manage, they may request assistance from the EFFECT. EFFECT staff will advise or give direct assistance to help employees perform this work.

-  Advice to resolve to overcome hardware failures


When incidents such as internally unstable networking hardware, computer viruses, hard disk failure... affect the operation of the EFFECT software, we also supports consulting to solve these problems. The phenomenon usually shown on such software can not open the program, is implementing the software crashes, software or corrupted files notice does not exist ... Then EFFECT will help businesses determine the cause and how to solve such as: Ask the IT department to check the internal network, support data backup and restore, reinstall software after hard disk be modified ...

- The other support

 As enterprises need to conduct hardware upgrade such as upgrading servers, changing workstations, upgrading the hard drive ... EFFECT will support business in the software reinstallation so that after modifing or upgrading the hardware, the software will be restored to normal operation.

  • The methods of conducting software warranty work:

- By phone, email

 When there is an incident or counseling request, customers need to inform EFFECT warranty department or directly to the technical staff in charge of customer service in EFFECT. EFFECT will first settle by exchanging telephone or email.

- Support through the Internet connection

 When customers’ office is equipped with ADSL connection and the two sides agreed on the method of distant resolving (remote control) over the Internet, the EFFECT staff will connect his computer to customers’ computer via the internet from EFFECT office and perform warranty and maintenance work, just like sitting at the client’s office. Because EFFECT 4.0 is highly dynamic software with capability of immediate running program, editing reports and data can be done remotely and easily. This remote warranty method saves EFFECT from a lot of travelling time, therefore warranty service can be performed immediately when necessary and with high quality of service, and does not affect the operation of the business.

- EFFECT staff directly available at the customer’s office

If customers ‘office is not equipped with ADSL connection (due to geographic location or subjective desire of enterprises) and the problem has not yet been solved via phone or email, EFFECT staff will come directly to customers’ office to perform warranty work.

- Software Maintenance

When the warranty period is over, the maintenance phase comes. Unlike the warranty, the maintenance work is carried out only when customers and EFFECT have signed the software maintenance contract. The maintenance work is carried out like warranty work and maintenance contracts are typically renewed annually.

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