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EFFECT ERP is the largest and most strategic product by EFFECT in the field of software development for the enterprise. Through years of constant development and product improvements, EFFECT - ERP so far has become a comprehensive management solution that covers multiple professions serving the overall corporate management.

Customer Management- Sales

Module of Customer management is for sales department. The main function of this module is to help sales staffs to have customers who will buy products of company (potential customer). Customer Management Module has special significance to the company that possesses a large and continuously increasing number of customers.



o    Manage customer information


Manage all customer information such as: general information (name, address, tax identification number, classification ...), materials (text and documents on the client's policy, contract materials rules ...). The document can link to the file on the hard drive (link). The documents do not limit the number and type of data (all types of multimedia data such as documents, spreadsheets, drawings, photographs, audio, video...). The entry of customer information (called attributes) can be more or less, depending on the monitoring requirements of each business using EFFECT-ERP.


o    Manage customer transactions


Monitor and record the detailed contents of all transactions with each business client (transactions may include: phone calls, direct contact, Send contract...).

Make transaction plan, the next action for each customer. Make statistics about potential customers according to customer's attributes (Company, Individual, Business Type, Scale, Scope of activities, headquarters location, name of directors, contact person...) or data transactions relating to our customers.


o    Working plan of the business staff


The "Work Schedule" always provide information about what to do during the day for each business employee. Work schedule is the next transaction and may be the phone call, and meeting schedule, calendar, quote, contract...


Every time an update is complete for a transaction of each customer, the business staff continues to plan for the next customer, and this plan will automatically be out on the table "work schedule" of the business staff when she/he opens this function on the date the plan was set. You can perform a work that has been planned 1 year ago (eg, contact with customers).


The function of the general user right allows business employees to see or not to see the data of other transactions, or the manager can distribute the right for each employee to monitor different customer zones.


o    Manage Quotation and contract


Module of Customer management also support the works such as: make quotation, prepare contract, save information of department preparing contract, follow up the status of quotations (Ex: Sent, Customer received…) and contract (ex.: sent contract, customer signed…). Find and make statistic all information related to quotation, contract (ex.: Contracts with value > 5000 USD, quotations in certain time, sent quotation, signed contract…).


Information about promotions, discounts are updated to the list of promotions, and discounts and are used for writing sales letters, or when doing a quotation. Details of how policy and promotion, discount stored in various categories in the catalog promotions, discounts and customize for each business.


Can store the modified version of the quotation, the contract until after the official version. The contract includes statistical information (such as date, customer name, classification of contracts, sales contracts ...) and textual information (word). The software helps business employees can call Word from the software interface to directly edit the contract, then the contract content is linked to a database, making all data on contracts customers are managed, manipulated directly from the software interface.


o    Search, write letter, survey


One of function serving sales department of module of customer management is to prepare introduction letter, survey letter… for the certain number of customers in the list who satisfy the condition of filtration by information of customer (Ex: Thank you letter for those who signed contract in 2002, offer letter for companies with big size…). These letters are printed at the same time in available forms (the number of these forms are unlimited) and letters are filled in all information of customers. After sending letter, information of feedback from customers can be updated to be basis to make statistic, assess and make decisions.


o    Link module


When potential customers become official customer of company, their name and information will be put in accounting software so that accounting staffs continue following up the debt. Accounting staffs can read all information of transaction of sales staffs, quotations, provisions in contract’s content signed between two parties… In return, if sales staffs are decentralized, they are also able to read information related to debts of customers for the convenience of supporting accounting department to speed up and collect debt. Also, when being granted with the right, any user (such as manager, director ...) can view the data of Customer Management module from any workstation in the system.


o    Customization

As of software that allows you to customize the software, add or remove attributes, field data, customer information. When the customer management process changes and becomes different from the software, the ability to customize by immediate programming mechanism will allow the software to meet this change.


o    Application


You can apply module of Customer management in system of general EFFECT-ERP (at that time, you can take advantage of linkages with other modules), and you can also apply module of Customer management independently. Then it only serves the work of sales department. Đánh giá trên Facebook