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EFFECT ERP is the largest and most strategic product by EFFECT in the field of software development for the enterprise. Through years of constant development and product improvements, EFFECT - ERP so far has become a comprehensive management solution that covers multiple professions serving the overall corporate management.

Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management Module is responsible for all information related to staffs in business. The information is from "Static" to "Dynamic". In addition, Human Resource Management module also supports the timekeeping and payroll.


o    Staff Information Management


Information about staff includes attributes (such as gender, birth year, Work experience, Location ...), the arising data (such as job change, relocation, salary rise, promotion, labor termination ...). A curriculum vitae is also staff information under management.

When applying Human Resource Management module, in addition to the general information available on the software, enterprises can define additional attributes, change the structure or supplement various types of operation to different staffs in accordance with management needs.


o    Increase / decrease in Personnel


After each recruitment campaign, number of employee increases, list of employee and information are updated in the system. When one staff leaves, the staff is recorded as Decreased and eliminated from the list of current employees.


o    Labor contracts


Human Resource Management module helps manage labor contract of each employee. The software monitors the expiration of a term of the contract and announces the list of expired contract that needs to be renewed or terminated.


o    Wage policy of the State


The software updates the latest wage policy of the State under the current regime. The Wage calculation is done according to the wage policy of the State to monitor the implementation of the social insurance, health insurance.


o    Social Insurance, Health Insurance


Software helps implement forms as required by the Labor Dept as: List of employees applying for social insurance books, list of labor and Salary deduction for social insurance.


o    Training and retraining


Update on reports on the training and retraining of staffs.


o    Timekeeping


Monitor the Staff attendance and leave to serve the calculation of staff payroll.


o    Payroll


Calculate staff salary according to timekeeping data or finished product data on workshops (paid by product), data on the finished product is updated daily to Production Management module.


o    Statistics


Module of Human resource management helps you to make statistic of the situation of human resource by any character, to answer question of situation of human resource in enterprise, for example: rate of male, female, average age, the number of engineers, doctor, the number of promotion cases in last year and how, the number of staffs graduated from commercial university and less than 30 year of age…


o    Link module:

Module of Human resource management provides all necessary information to other modules. When you are reading situation of debt of staffs on accounting system, you can read the curriculum vitae of this staff… In return, when you are reading curriculum vitae of staff, you can read the situation of debt of this staff from accounting module or status of equipment that this staff is responsible for from module of Instrument management … With module of Manufacture management, works of manufacture orders also relate to list of human resource. Therefore, the plan of assignment of works in productions for workers, staffs is also easy.

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