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EFFECT ERP is the largest and most strategic product by EFFECT in the field of software development for the enterprise. Through years of constant development and product improvements, EFFECT - ERP so far has become a comprehensive management solution that covers multiple professions serving the overall corporate management.

Production Management

Production Management Module is responsible for all the information related to production planning and manufacturing process. It is used for enterprises producing products regularly with a large number of finished products. Production management is a tool to provide timely information to the operator to captures the production schedule as planned, and have timely adjustments in case of incidents, or for some reason, either objectivity or subjectivity that progress is not happening as planned. In special cases, the production plan can be adjusted.


o    Product Structure


Production Management Module‘s starting point is the Product. Starting from the structure declaration under the material product, the costs and other resources including machinery, equipment and labor... In terms of accounting, it is the cost structure of the product, in terms of operations, it is the structure of production resources for producing products.


Product structure BOM (Bill Of Material extended) including material structure and may be semi-finished products (including information on consumption norms, level of waste ...) and the resource structure of tools (machines, production lines ...) and labor. The general cost structure to create products is also shown in the BOM.


o    Material Structure (NVL)


A product can be composed of a number of raw material, and can be from a number of products (or sell) more. The sale of products or product components in a similar way could be made ​​up of a number of raw material and other products sold ... Just like that, NVL structure of tree-shaped products and multiple levels can. For EFFECT-ERP, the number of tree levels as well as the number of production stages of a product is unlimited.


The finished structure was initially declared to use the default for the production order. In case the products need to adjust the structure not by default (due to requests from orders),you can adjust the material structure separately for each production order. Every time the product comes out, material structure will be stored for each production order. Th the saving of "production history" is for the purpose of access to information, or checking the products quality when there are negative feedbacks from the market (for example: A poor-quality drugs produced and cause harm to the user, the information of product structure is needed  - BOM according to the production version).


The structure of materials, including information such as: name, type of materials, number of norms, norms Unit price (if the software would not be taken from inventory), percent loss allowed.


Structural materials often provided by the technical department. Business case for trial production stages, material structure can be formed from the statistical information produced during product testing.


o    Structure of general expenditure


Structure of general expenditure of product is standard of expenditure of product by expenditure item (water, electricity charge, assets depreciation, worker…). This standard is defined by enterprise based on statistics of producing products (production process of products), expenditures apportion to these works by unit price at the latest pint of time (ex previous month, previous quarter…). The user put this standard of expenditure for each product by each expenditure item as composition of BOM.

Business case for trial production stage, as well as structural materials, general cost structure can be formed from the statistical information produced during product testing.


o    Structure of producing product


Production process of every product is created by many stages called work. Each work is formed by two characters: equipment and labor force. Equipment to do work can be tools, processing, factory… is a group of some items of list of instrument, fixed assets (in module of Instrument & asset management). Labor force can be worker, superintendent or staffs indirectly control production, is a group of items of list of human resource (in module of Human Resource management). Each equipment and personnel will have definition of time for work as defining.


Definition of producing product is carried out for each product. This is important and necessary definitions for plan of using equipment, machine and assignment of work for the contingent of staffs.


o    Planned cost price


From bill of material (BOM), the program can count demand of pure materials (quantity) for each product, combine with module of material and goods (define unit price of buying materials in the latest time) of accounting system, plus structure of general expenditure defined for products, the program can calculate planned cost price of product. Planned cost price is calculated before starting production process and for defining selling price of product for customers’ orders or retail price, selling price for agents…


o    General capacity of production


This function is to make power sources of equipment and labor force ready for production process. You will mark items in the list of equipment, fixed asset and list of personnel. Equipment damaged or not joint to manufacture process as well as staffs who do not join manufacture process will not be marked. This mark is only for hiding unused equipment in definition process (such as definition of equipment, labor force for work…) to avoid ineffective resource planning.



o    Structure of information monitoring production process


For production process, all information of production can be different, therefore, the function of “Structure of information monitoring production process” uses to declare structure of necessary information to be able to update and monitor manufacture process of every product (ex.: the quantity of intermediate finished product in level 1, the number of finished product, level of meeting material, labor force …). This structure of information will be used to update information in sub-module of “monitoring of production”.


o    Production order

Production order is the data tracked throughout the manufacturing process. Production order code is shown in all operations regarding import / export of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. You can keep track of all the information about the production process involves a production order (such as norms of raw materials, the use of raw materials, product sales progress, finished products ...) and from that you can track information related to customer orders.


A production order in the list of production orders includes name of product, quantity of product, finishing date, relevant customers and some other information are filled in automatically during the course of production planning.


Production orders are result from module of sales order management or from plan of quantity of products calculated by planning department on the basis of selling information from accounting system or by hand.


When creating the production order from the order data, you can create production orders scheduled delivery basis. Each order can lead to multiple production orders according to the delivery schedule. You can modify the information on the date of completion of production orders in case of necessity.


Production Orders have two categories: Production Orders Production at factories and processing orders. Production at factories command was implemented on the shop floor and management by enterprises can use the planning machinery and labor for factories. But SX command processing is done by outsourcing partners and enterprise product management only on the material level and track progress of completion.


o    Planning for machinery and equipment (MMTB) and labor (NC)

You can perform planning and NC machine and equipment for each production order. The plan was adopted the work (which has been declared for the production of structural order BOM). You will plan the time and resources (machinery and equipment, NC) for each job order production, the result is a program that will provide the overall plan for production orders, schedules and use of each machine and equipment work plan for each staff (or team personnel). The problem of scheduling on-time use of machinery and equipment were seized and personnel will be alerted. In addition, the software also supports automatic calculation and NC machinery and equipment plans for the new command or a command SX SX "horizontal sen" Production orders are available.


The calendar lookup any use of machinery and personnel always be done easily. The "Plan for the overall machinery" will present results of the planning machinery and equipment for the production order. The program provides the ability to view the history of any used machinery and equipment and certain machinery and equipment in any period.


Similarly, the "master plan workers" will show the history of human use for the production order. The program also provides the ability to view the schedule of any staff (or the group's) public and in any time period.


o    NVL Plan

The NVL is planning to buy an indispensable work for any production of any business. Quick calculations using NVL demand at any time in the future will be great advantages of manufacturing enterprises in securing adequate and optimize inventory materials.


o    Future Inventory and NVL needs

The software will automatically calculate the raw material inventory at any point in the future. With just one touch, you can see the raw material inventory at various times in the future, how different each time period indicated, for example: You want to see the future in inventory 3 times spaced 10 future date, or a daily inventory in the next 10 days ... When the inventory is negative the future and the lack of raw material needed to meet the planned purchase. Future inventory is calculated from: NVL will receive the purchase orders placed NVL (plus), NVL demand for SX unfinished command (minus) and current inventory (plus). Demand is calculated by NVL future inventory plus safety inventory (to be declared for each NVL). This function helps you to decide when is the appropriate time to proceed with the purchase of materials and the need to achieve buy as many of each type of raw material.


o    Prepare purchase orders of NVL

You can set manually NVL purchase orders or requests calculation program and create orders. In the process, the software calculated the NVL meet demand at some point in the future (eg, after 1 month, 1 quarter ...). If a raw material for many manufacturing orders have time to use identical or nearly identical, the software can combine these requirements into one single purchase. The creation of purchase orders NVL can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly ... The program will provide each table needs NVL NVL along with the time taken to use for each production order (not yet completed or not yet started implementation) and automatically generate purchase orders.


o    Official purchase order of NVL

After you have created the raw material purchase orders, you will mark the official supplier orders and send print orders to suppliers. The program provides a simple interface for you to perform this operation.


o    Subscribe to receive NVL

Upon receiving and warehousing NVL NVL prescription purchase, the software provides a simple interface currently not available for purchase NVL end, you just need to enter this number on the table to receive NVL currently available and validated. NVL number received will be transferred to the accounting system in the form of import bills under the default account in advance. The column "Quantity is not about" the orders were deducted until the NVL all orders received.

The program lets not get numbers that error NVL warehousing orders greater than the allowed error is declared on every purchase (eg 5%).


o    NVL order not yet available

You can always see the status of purchase as: Not officially, formally ordering, accounting has moved, amount of raw material not yet available.


o    NVL Export for production, processing, packaging

The program allows creating leaders vote (or votes norms) under the command NVL base SX BOM. NVL leaders Voucher can be printed, transferred and stored in the factory database to control the use of NVL.

When the raw material for production, NVL table quantities can be shipped in each production order will be displayed. Users simply type in the line number of the corresponding NVL. The number of NVL export is not allowed to exceed the error declared in BOM. This approach to control the use NVL comply with the norms declared in BOM.

NVL can be used for export production, to processing or manufacturing partner for packaging products.


o    Operation of semi-finished products (BTP)

Whenever BTP has completed, it needs the update. When moving downstream BTP also need to be updated in the software. Updating this data to help calculate BTP reports exist on each stage, and provide data for payroll functions in Human Resource Management module. The completed entry BTP is done by filling in the number of completed BTP currently available table.


o    Operation of finished products

When the finished product has completed, it needs to have the operation of warehouse import. The warehouse import can also be done by filling the amount of completed products that are now available on the table. The program does not allow storing more than the number of unfinished products tracked on the production order to allow greater uncertainty. Data is automatically transferred to the accounting module as warehousing entries into accounting software with the default being declared earlier.


o    Production information / statistics / report

The program provides a general interface to exploit the information / reports on the entire production process. The information helps the manager always capture stockpiles future, ability to meet NVL, NVL schedule received, use NVL Progress, Progress on stage BTP completed, schedule of completion, Progress packaging and delivery ... You can see the information on follow any customers, under any order of a customer or order any SX. The program always said the lack of raw material or finished products not on schedule to have plans to promptly remedy.

Additional information has been updated structure declaration in structure function more information follow monitor the production process will be updated by this function. Information is updated for each production order, each workshop ... This information is supplemented for manufacturing information systems.


o    Compare actual schedule and plan, method of adjustment

By comparison of updated data and planned data, the manager can know the implement schedule of production orders. If the difference affects the production schedule and handover of products, methods of adjustment will have to be carried. The adjustment is also carried out as “break-downs” arise in production process such as: increase/ decrease of the quantity of product in buyers’ orders, fail of machine, equipment for the long time, material purchase order is not implemented in time, workers ask for raising and not willing to work…

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