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EFFECT ERP is the largest and most strategic product by EFFECT in the field of software development for the enterprise. Through years of constant development and product improvements, EFFECT - ERP so far has become a comprehensive management solution that covers multiple professions serving the overall corporate management.

Warranty Management

o    Warranty work

Enterprises providing equipment, machinery, goods with warranty (such as trading computers, telecommunications equipment, electrical appliances ...) always need to monitor and manage goods warranty and executive the warranty.


o    List of warranty goods

When selling goods, warranty department updates the data into the list of warranty goods or warranty data is automatically updated when the sales staff performs sales on the software. You can print software warranty form and give it to customers.


The warranty information for each item sold such as the warranty period, the warranty content, Serial number of customers, customer name .... will be stored on software and can be found easily.


o    Warranty management at the company

When receiving a warranty requirement (customers bring and make warranty claims), you can access the data in the list of goods covered by the product code (Seri), according to customers, the time of purchase... and know whether the goods have been subject to this warranty or not. If you accept warranty, even in cases where the customer lost the warranty card, you can still know the goods are subject to the warranty period or not and decide whether or not to perform warranty work for customers. If warranty is approved, your failures recorded on commodity software and data is automatically transferred to the engineering department.


Engineering department when conducting repairs should always update on the progress and record every step and the results on the software. Therefore the customer care department will always have information available on the machine to meet customer requirements.


The software also remind staff about the warranty service status, the time required to complete the work to make sure there will not be goods that are left over on the warehouse without attention until customers " inquire. "


For goods that have been under warranty once, the engineering department always has records of previous times as a basis to conduct warranty as fast and efficient as possible.


o    Warranty Management in customer

Warranty Management Module keeps you updated with warranty information requests from customers (for goods, machinery and equipment installed at the customer), plans work schedule for technical staff, tracks information about warranty work at the customer service. This kind of service process can be very different from one business to another, so the ability to edit or add functions in accordance with the characteristics of ERP EFFECT will be maximized.


o    Warranty information Statistics

Finally, you can make statistics on the warranty frequency by time and goods, on the arising errors of goods... and therefore plan to improve the manufacturing process or request providers for higher quality delivery.


o    Links module

Warranty Management module can receive data from sales order module or accounting module (depending on model EFFECT-ERP application). When linked, the warranty staff does not need to update the data of warranty list. In addition, from the warranty module, you can use the list of materials and tools from the accounting module to create the materials request form to serve the warranty work.

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