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EFFECT Accounting is the package of the software solutions applied in the field of business management accounting. This product line includes different accounting applications catering to businesses of different types, sizes, and different models.

In the next to inheriting the administration features of version 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, opened a revolution in programming tools and utilities, more powerful features for users with special the following highlights:

1. Programming Language

Using the latest technology of Microsoft .NET languages ​​C #, SQL, XML,… It allows EFFECT can reach the higher customer’s requirements.

2. Font

Using international standard font: Unicode. With customers whose love EFFECT, now they are not have discomfort when using the software to manipulate fonts when converting operational applications word, excel ... or email, yahoo, skype ...

3. Interface

Software supports multiple languages. For each person can use their own language. can be used for multi-national companies.

4. Security uses one connection mechanism. Use the form of intermittent connection (connection only when executing the command). Connection information is encrypted programs absolutely safe. Don’t need to share the folder server. It helps to ensure safety for server data much better than the previous version.

Data is encrypted on the workstation. Ensure the absolute safety of customer’s data.

5. Import / Export

Export / Import excel unlimited line, column number, the version of excel.

Export directly from reports to many formats: pdf, html, word, graphs, send mail.

Copy / paste from excel into grid software, and vice versa.

Function import data from excel into the software is easy with the new structure (possibly self-selection line, column into the software).

The will maximize the resources available on the excel data, especially units with data import from branches, other parts or orders from abroad in excel. As well as the export format requested by the parent company or other partners.

6. Transition and Allocation

Easily change the transfering and allocation factors. The previous version of this work is more difficult for users.

Without limiting the transfer criteria, allocating criteria can be added by users from the system.

7. Ultilities

Allow freezing column, line, blank in the data sheet as manipulation in excel. Helps users can view reports, data tables much more columns line during further analysis, and business decision quickly and accurately.

Screen data search is more powerful filter functions to exclude, filter by multiple values ​​on the same factors. It helps the search process to retrieve the desired data much faster than previous versions.

Graph directly on the software without having to export to excel as the previous version, enabling users to manipulate and not dependent facilitation and supporting software.

8. Multitasking can open multiple windows. Multitasking allows you to view multiple reports and input data simultaneously.

Exchange information internally with chat room in the software. Help users to manipulate and test information during data entry, viewing reports or find information more quickly.

9. Monitoring

Analyze data by graphs in real time.System monitor according to various criteria with dynamic graphs. With this feature, the administrator can monitor changes in financial, inventory, liabilities, revenues, expenses ... visually in real-time.

10. Data Transfering

Mechanism of software is proactive and system needs only one static IP at server. It can run online or Online-Offline combined in one system.