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EFFECT Accounting is the package of the software solutions applied in the field of business management accounting. This product line includes different accounting applications catering to businesses of different types, sizes, and different models.

EFFECT Standard2 is the packaged and charged software product for small and medium businesses. The software is designed to be fully compatible with the former version EFFECT Standard in terms of data structure and user guide. The software is equipped with book and report system in accordance with both the Decision 48/2006/QD-BTC and the Decision 15/2006/QD-BTC. EFFECT Standard2 also offers more management capabilities such as manage accounting data by cases, contracts, construction, place, and other management data…


EFFECT Standard2 have the following advantages:


Packaged software, easy to install, easy to use and stable


Inheriting the design of the former software product - EFFECT Standard, EFFECT Standard2, despite numerous added functionalities, still maintain a simple, easy structure to use.


The most advanced software product in the packaged product line


EFFECT Standard2 is equipped with all the features of a powerful packaged software. It has the system books and reports in accordance with the Decision 5/2006/QD-BTC applying to medium and large enterprises. In addition, EFFECT Standard2 also contains report systems according to Decision 48/2006/QD-BTC for enterprises to upgrade from EFFECT Standard.

The difference from EFFECT Standard is that EFFECT standard2 has more management functionalities than what is prescribed in the accounting system for the purpose of management. That’s why EFFECT Standard2 contains additional management reports. Management report system is expanded and upgraded in each release of the software.


Converting data from EFFECT Standard with 100% compatibility


EFFECT Standard2 use free database of SQL Server 2005 Express from Microsoft, so it should be able to meet the large volume of accounting data. This is why businesses that are using EFFECT Standard start to upgrade to EFFECT Standard2 as their businesses grow.


The ability to run remotely over the internet is also another reason why businesses that are using EFFECT Standard start to upgrade to EFFECT Standard2.


100% compatible upgrading to customized product line - EFFECT 4.0


Despite being the strongest packaged software product from EFFECT, EFFECT Standard2 will not be able to meet the particular and complex management requirements from businesses. Then businesses need to upgrade the EFFECT Standard2 to EFFECT Customized software - version 4.0. It is completely possible because EFFECT Standard2 can be upgraded to this version with 100% compatibility in terms of data structure and user guide. After upgrading, the software will be customized according to specific requirements of your business.


Low cost of software license


EFFECT Standard2 is the packaged software that is thoroughly tested before release, so the process of implementing the software is not costly for both EFFECT and clients. So the price of this product is much lower than the customized product line.


Timely and thoughtful remote support service


You can always ask us to support when there are any problem in using the software. The arising problem regarding how to use software, data errors ... are supported in various ways: via phone, fax, online chat (on our website) or EFFECT’s technical staff will access to computers in client’s office remotely (when ADSL is available) and manipulate the software to find errors. Then we can give timely consultancy to solve the problem. If the problems can not be solved remotely, EFFECT’s technical staff will be available at client’s office under warranty or maintenance agreement between EFFECT and customers.

We build EFFECT Standard2 intentionally to make it the most powerful accounting software in the packaged product line. So in addition to the complete response to accounting requirements in accordance with Decisions 15/2006/QD-BTC for medium and large enterprises, EFFECT Standard2 also advance towards management purposes with numerous management report forms available along with the capability of managing and analyzing the data after showing the reports. This could be a big advantage of EFFECT Standard2 over similar products. You can use EFFECT Standard2 unless your business has specific requirements that demand separate programming.  Otherwise, you will need to resort to EFFECT‘s Customized product line.


The additional management data included in EFFECT Standard2 compared with the former EFFECT Standard version are: Foreign Currency, cases / Construction, factories, production cost, region / area, sales Staff...

License fees to use the software:


+ All modules: 5,000,000 VND

+ Production cost module Excluded: 3,000,000 VND


This license fee includes the installation of the software on one workstation and one training course (1 session) at the client’s office. If the enterprise does not need the training course, the software cost is reduced to 2,500,000 VND (excluding the production cost module) and 4,500,000 VND (including the production cost module).


Costs by firm size:


When businesses need 1 additional workstation, the additional cost is: 500,000 VND/ workstation


For example:

- If the business uses all modules for 10 workstations, the cost is:

5,000,000 + (9 x 500,000) = 9,500,000 VND


- If the business excludes the production cost module for 05 workstations, the cost is:

3,000,000 + (4 x 500,000) = 5,000,000


Note: Because EFFECT Standard2 is the packaged software product, so customers should accept what is available on the software and EFFECT has no responsibility for modifying the software to any particular requirements of the business.
  • You can download documentation of general user guide from this site.
  • You can use online chat tools by clicking the chat icon on this website (see the online chat User Guide).
  • Especially, with the tool of EFFECT Interactive Help, you can learn how to use the software on your own without participating in the training course. This visual guidance tool can allow you to practice using the program step by step, which is not boring as reading manuals with few photos (see About EFFECT-Interactive Help)