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EFFECT Accounting is the package of the software solutions applied in the field of business management accounting. This product line includes different accounting applications catering to businesses of different types, sizes, and different models.

EFFECT Standard remove all limits of records in EFFECT Small version, at the same time unlimited of using time and number of users. Customers can Download now  for free and easily Convert all data in the previous EFFECT-Small version to reuse in EFFECT Standard.




 EFFECT Standard is the packaged software product, which is simple, easy to be used by small and medium businesses with not-too-large arising data and applying Decision 48/2006/QD-BTC in their accounting activities. When the enterprises have demand to applying their accounting activities in accordance with Decision 15/2006/QD-BTC, they need to upgrade to a higher version EFFECT Standard2. If businesses demand higher management requirements, they can also upgrade to EFFECT Standard2 or other versions in Customized Product line.


The software allows maximum 10 workstations running on the internal network.




 EFFECT Standard can be upgraded to the next product line, which is 100% compatible in terms of data as well User guide. The upgrading process is quick and simple. Only by installing EFFECT Standard2 and click the Convert button, then the process is finished. In case of upgrading to the customized product line, after the data conversion, all steps of customizing the software will be performed.

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  We build EFFECT Standard intentionally to make it the most simple accounting software product on the market, at the same time ensuring complete response according to Decisions 48/2006/QD-BTC for small businesses. The number of screen interface is small, clear and coherent, the User manual is simple, which is consistent with the characteristics of users who are beginners to accounting software.


  The input accounting activities


Update Opening balance


·         Update Opening liabilities balance

·         Update Opening inventory balance

·         Update Opening fixed asset balance

·         Update Opening account balance




·         Cash receipt

·         Cash bill




·         Bank receipt

·         Bank bill


Warehouse import-export


·         Purchase import form

·         Purchase straight export form

·         Import of return goods

·         Warehouse import form of finished goods

·         Other imports form

·         Manufacturing export form

·         Export form of Goods and materials

·         Internal warehouse transfer export form




·         Sale invoice

·         Service invoice


Fixed asset


·         Increased fixed asset form - new purchase

·         Increased fixed asset form – Complete construction

·         Increased fixed asset form – other increases

·         Decreased fixed asset form - liquidation

·         Decreased fixed asset form - Sale

·         Decreased fixed asset form - switched to real estate investment

·         Decreased fixed asset form – other decreases


  Other accounting activities


·         Advance payment form

·         Debt clearing form

·         Comprehensive accounting form


System of records and reports


Reports of cash and books


·         Bank deposits

·         Cash book

·         Detailed accounting of cash book

·         Ledger - General Journal

·         General Journal

·         Receivable journal

·         Payable journal

·         Purchase journal

·         Sales journal

·         Account details Book

·         Sale detail Book

·         securities investment detail Book

·         Business capital detail book


Debt reports


·         Debts Detail book

·         Summary of debt

·         Loans Detail book


 Inventory reports


·         Book of materials, tools, products, goods details

·         Summary of materials, tools, products, goods

·         Warehouse card


VAT reports


·         VAT declaration - TT60

·         List of bills of Goods and services sold- 01-1/GTGT-TT60

·         List of bills of Goods and services purchased - 01-2/GTGT-TT60

·         VAT monitoring Book

·         VAT refund detail book

·         VAT exemption detail book



Reports of fixed assets and tools and devices


·         Fixed asset book

·         Book of monitoring fixed assets and tools and devices in place of using

·         Fixed assets card

·         Fixed assets detail book

·         Summary of fixed assets


Financial statements


  • Accounts Balance sheet
  • Accounting Balance Sheet
  • Business results sheet
  • Cash Flow sheet
  • Interpretation of financial statements


Management reports


·         Cash inflow management

·         Cash outflow management

·         Sales management

·         Cost management by department and item

·         Management by categories


Other reports


·         Debts Detail book

·         Summary of debts

·         Report of debt payables on bills

·         Report of debt receivables on bills

·         Debt reconciliation on bill

·         Book of supply and good details

·         The balance of materials and goods

·         Fixed asset detail book

Summary of fixed assets

Price policy

·         Free of copyright cost; the first additional workstation costs 500,000 VND/ workstation.


·         Your earlier version of EFFECT Small can be upgraded to EFFECT Standard. The software can run up to 10 workstations networked internally, but you will have to pay an additional fee of 500,000 VND for each additional workstation. You will be instructed how to install additional workstations via email.


  Note : EFFECT Standard is not configured to run more than 10 workstations on the network, so if your demand exceeds 10 workstations, you must upgrade to the more advanced version of EFFECT Standard2.


·         Because EFFECT Standard is free. So if you've used the previous version of EFFECT Small, then you need to install EFFECT Standard. After registration (click here to sign up) and pay the workstation fee (if any) to EFFECT, you will get the key number and the instructions how to unlock the program via email. Once unlocked, you use the CONVERT function to convert data from the old version of EFFECT Small to EFFECT Standard.


Charged training Service of EFFECT Standard. Click here to refer to.

Support Services

EFFECT Standard is EFFECT’s free software product for small businesses. In order to make the product become widely and effectively used in small businesses, we have the policy of guidance and support to users of Standard EFFECT, as follows:  

  • You can download documentation of general user guide from this site.


  • You can directly dial the number (04) 3772 1635 (ext 126), or hotline: 0166 88 75 906 or access online chat on the website and ask questions regarding any matter related to EFFECT’s products including EFFECT Standard (such as features, price, deployment, policy...).


  • You can use online chat tools by clicking the chat icon on this website (see the online chat User Guide).


  • Especially, with the tool of EFFECT Interactive Help, you can learn how to use the software on your own without participating in the training course. This visual guidance tool can allow you to practice using the program step by step, which is not boring as reading manuals with few photos (see About EFFECT-Interactive Help)


  • All of the above supports are provided for free.


  • When businesses need direct instructions, they may ask for the service of training courses (approximately 3 sessions – 3 hours/session). Then we will send technical staff to client’s office to for training purpose at a cost of 500,000 VND/ session plus travel and accommodation expenses (if any).


Finally, if your business needs to sign the annual maintenance contract, then annual maintenance fee is 900,000 VND / year.


You need to download EFFECT Standard, then install and require EFFECT to send the code to unlock the program.


1. Download EFFECT Standard version


2. Installation instructions of EFFECT Standard


3. Registration of EFFECT Standard using license.